How We Work

Our Equipment

To create some of the most awe-inspiring drone shows in North America, we utilize state-of-the-art technology. This includes IFO drones, the world’s most advanced drone. IFO drones are made of carbon fibre for ultimate durability and have incredibly bright lights of 840 lumens. With them, we can recreate over 16 million colours, which allows us to match any brand colours. These drones have long autonomy for shows running more than 12 minutes, and positioning accuracy of 10 cm. The positioning of the drones is achieved through the use of real-time kinematic GPS, allowing for incredible accuracy. Every critical system in the drone is triple redundant, ensuring not one, but two backups to guarantee perfection.

Our Equipment - Drones

Our Technology

We design our shows with a 3D animation platform, which we use to create photorealistic renderings of our designs. That means our clients see exactly how the show will look…before a drone ever lifts off the ground.

Our Technology - Software
Our Technology - Control Centre

Why Drone Shows?

Drone shows are on the cusp of greatness. There are several reasons why we’re going to see a rise their popularity across North America:

  • Exciting new artistic possibilities
  • Storytelling ability
  • Perfect replication of sponsor logos
  • Green technology
  • Quiet (audiences and their pets appreciate this!)
Why Drone Shows?

Designing a North Star Drone Show for our Clients

Show design flowchart Show design flowchart